Kidz City


Connection Groups/KidzZone - Sunday - 9:30am | Sunday Worship - 10:30am | Sunday Evening - 5:30pm Wed. Prayer/Bible Study - Kidz Clubs - 6:30pm

Kidz Zone - Sundays at 9:30am

A Place to Grow... During Kidz Zone, our children are taught the stories of the Bible in small group settings.  The stories come to life with large visual pictures, and the children have plenty of opportunity to have their questions answered.  The stories are reinforced through a activity sheets, object lessons, singing, and much more.   Lessons can be reinforced at home with a take-home handout.

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Kidz Church - Sundays at 10:30am

A Place to Worship...  Kidz church is a place full of energy and excitement where children enjoy singing songs and learning Bible truths in a way that they can understand.   Children will be encouraged to live for the Lord and make good decisions in life by learning the stories of Christian men and women who loved and served the Lord throughout history.  Each week includes fun games and competition to help reinforce the truths that are taught.  Once a quarter (3 months), the children will be able to spend their Bible bucks that they have earned during class in our special Kidz City store.

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Kidz Club - Weds. @ 6:30pm (Sept. - May)

A Place to Belong.... Every child desires to find a place where he/she fits in.  Kidz Clubs is a highlight of the week for our children.  They begin the night in class working towards passing sections where they will earn awards - badges, ribbons, and pins.  These awards will be displayed on their own personal banner which they will take home at the end of the year.   Sections include memorizing verses and completing Bible studies whihc help them learn about God.  Other badges can be earned for learning skills such as first aid, patriotism, camping, and a whole host of other fun activities.  In addition to class time, each Wednesday there are group games, snacks, and an exciting Bible lesson.  Come, join the fun and bring a friend with you!!!

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